The Exhilarating Fright Kingdom

The Fright Kingdom is an indoor haunted attraction in Nashua, New Hampshire. The attraction features four different haunted houses, each with its theme. It has been ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the United States and featured on the Travel Channel’s “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” list. The Nashua Fright Kingdom is the original and most well-known, although several others exist in New England. 

People come from all over to experience the terror that the Fright Kingdom has to offer. Fright Kingdom’s four haunted houses are “The Colony,” “The Asylum,” “The Circus,” and “Hell House.” Each one is more intense than the last, with terrifying themes that will leave you screaming for more.

The Colony:

The Colony is Fright Kingdom’s newest haunted house and is based on the tale of a band of pioneers who vanishes without a trace.

The Asylum:

The Asylum is a haunted house designed to terrify its guests with lively historical references to the mental institution that used to be located on Fright Kingdom’s property.

The Circus :

The Circus is a frightening house based on the legend of a traveling circus that vanishes.

Hell House:

Hell House is Fright Kingdom’s most extreme haunted house and is not recommended for children or those faint of heart. Hell House is your place if you want a truly horrifying experience.

The Fright Kingdom also offers many other attractions, including a haunted hayride, a zombie paintball hayride, and a Fright Kingdom escape room.

Fright Kingdom Nashua

Haunted Hayride:

The Fright Kingdom’s Haunted Hayride takes you through the woods on a spine-tingling ride you’ll never forget.

Zombie Paintball Hayride:

The Zombie Paintball Hayride lets you shoot live zombies with paintballs as you attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Fright Kingdom Escape Room:

Can you solve the puzzles and escape the Fright Kingdom? The Fright Kingdom Escape Room is a challenging and fun way to test your wits.

Apocalypse Z:

Fright Kingdom’s newest attraction is Apocalypse Z, a live-action zombie survival game. You and your team will have to use all your skills to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Psycho Circus:

The Fright Kingdom’s signature Halloween event is the Psychoblender, which takes place annually during Halloween. It’s a fantastic opportunity to go crazy and have a good time.


Grim is a dark and twisted maze that will leave you feeling lost and confused.

The Abandoned:

The Abandoned is a kingdom of fear and darkness. It’s filled with all manner of monsters who are ready to attack you on sight! The only way for someone brave enough (-or crazy-)enough to venture into this dark realm in search of their lost treasures taken from them long ago by an unknown force.

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